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Use this service to submit a name change request

Use this service to request assistance with software installation or update for BMCC-owned office computers

Assistance with password resetting or account activation

Request assistance with CUNYfirst password resetting

Do you need assistance accessing the BMCC Portal?

Faculty, staff, and students may change their BMCC password by using the password change tool.

Use this service if you are having any of the issues below:
- Account locked.
- User not found.
- Issues resetting your password.

Use this service for CUNYfirst account activation

Need access to department site or having issues accessing it? Do you want to create a department site? Unable to open, edit, upload, or download documents on the department site? Do you want to share documents with external user?

Network access issues.

Use this service to request assistance with a local printer.

Move or relocation of workstation.

Are you unable to log into your Email, MyFiles or any BMCC system??

Use this service if you are often receiving spam emails.

Do you need help assistance accessing application icon on the BMCC Portal?

Username/Password, BMCC not on Profile

Comment on any improvements or enhancements to Levelfly.

E-Learning Courses

Login or configuration issue.

Has your first or last name legally changed? This request assists in misspelled name corrections or with first and/or last name changes.

Not receiving emails?

Reassigning a phone from a previous employee to a new destination

Print access for faculty and staff