My Recently Visited Services

Request assistance with data while using administrative applications utilized by BMCC departments.

Request assistance with BMCC reporting instances.

Request assistance with updating applications on the BMCC Portal.

Request access to an application on the BMCC Portal.

For students to request technical assistance with a service provided by IRT.

Request assistance with SharePoint department site modifications.

Request new BMCC email and RingCentral accounts for a new hire.

Request voicemail assistance.

Request new SharePoint site for forms and workflows.

Request a new/updated DNS record.

Request assistance with a SharePoint site & remote access to G, H, and J drives.

Use this service to request changes in the phone display or add new lines.

Request cabinet or door keys.

Request access or support for BMCC email, Maestro, SecureShare, Zoom, and guest accounts.

Request assistance with forms and workflow modifications.

Request Contact Center support.

Request to reassign an existing line/extension to a new employee.

Request new administrative applications, reports, programming and software changes.

Request assistance with an office workstation.

Installation, updating, or troubleshooting of software.

Request access or support for network drives (On Campus).

Request assistance with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Request a modification to your BMCC account.

Request to disable BMCC account access.