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This article provides instructions for how to use essential Zoom features. Please see the Zoom Help Center for further instruction and more Zoom features.

How to Join a Meeting

If you were already provided a join link you can simply click on the link and the meeting will open in Zoom. If the meeting has a passcode you will also have to enter the passcode to join the meeting.


You can also join a meeting using the meeting ID. Open Zoom and click Join.


Enter the meeting ID and your name, then click Join. If the meeting has a passcode you will be required to enter it before joining the meeting.


How to Host a Meeting

One-Time Meeting

After opening Zoom, click on the orange New Meeting button. It is recommended that when hosting a meeting you uncheck "Use My Personal Meeting ID (PMI)" so that a new meeting ID and passcode will be assigned each time.


After opening the meeting click on the green icon in the upper-right to view the meeting details. You can either provide the participants with the Meeting ID and Passcode or click on the blue Copy Link button to copy the Invite Link and provide this link to the meeting participants.


Scheduling a Recurring Meeting

After opening Zoom click on the blue Schedule button.


Change the settings for the meeting as necessary. If this is a recurring meeting click on the Recurring meeting checkbox. Then click the blue Save button.


A meeting invitation email will open in Outlook. Set the start and ed date and time and enter all required and optional participants' email addresses in the appropriate fields. For a recurring meeting, click on the blue Make Recurring link and edit the Appointment Recurrence settings as needed. After changing all of the settings, send out the invitation email.


Meeting Controls

The meeting controls are displayed at the bottom of window while in a meeting.


Unmute/Mute mutes or unmutes your microphone. Clicking on the arrow next to the button displays the audio settings.


Start Video/Stop Video turns your webcam on or off. Clicking on the arrow next to the button displays the video settings.


Clicking Security displays the security settings for the meeting.


Clicking Participants toggles the participants window to the right on or off.


Clicking Chat toggles the chat window to the right on or off.


Share Screen toggles screen sharing on or off. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the button displays the screen sharing settings.


Clicking Reactions allows you to raise or lower your hand.


Clicking the End button allows you to end or leave the meeting.


How to Share Your Screen

While you are in a meeting, click on the green Share Screen button.


Several sharing options will be displayed. To share your entire desktop, select the Screen option. To only share a specific window select the window that you wish to share. After selecting what you want to share, click the blue Share button.


You will now be sharing your screen. The screen sharing options will be displayed at the to of the screen. To stop the screen sharing click on the red Stop Share button.


How to Change Your Display Name

In the Participants menu hover over your name and click More then Rename. Then enter the name you want to use.

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