Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot General Use Guide


1. Power/Menu Button – Turn on/off T9. Shows device menu and information

Button Operation

LED Indicator

2. Display – Provides device status information such as battery, service signal strength, the number of users connected with Wi-Fi etc.

3. Charger Port – The USB charger connects here.

4. Back Cover Notch – Lift the notch to open the back cover.

5. Reset Button – To perform reset of your device, gently press and hold the button for 3 seconds, then release.

6. SIM Card Stopper – Lift the stopper to insert or replace the Nano SIM card.

7. Battery contact – Insert the battery to align with the battery contacts.

8. SIM Card Slot – The SIM card installation slot.

Device Display

Charging the Battery

Before using your mobile hotspot, ensure that the battery is fully charged. Be sure to use the charger that came with your device.

NOTE: Your T9 is equipped with a replaceable rechargeable battery. When handling the battery or SIM card, please make sure the device is not connected to any power sources. Do not use any tools, sharp objects or any utensils when dealing with the battery. Doing so may cause damage that voids your warranty.

  • It normally takes 3~5 hours, depending your power sources and device status to fully charge the battery.
  • The battery discharges faster as additional devices connect to your hotspot.
  • Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature, features, and active connection time.
  • When charging, keep your device near room temperature.
  • Never leave the T9 in an unattended vehicle due to uncontrolled temperatures that may be outside the desired temperatures for your device.
  • It is normal for batteries to gradually wear down and require longer charging time.

Connecting to Your T9

Wi-Fi Name (SSID) and Password

You can find your Wi-Fi Name and Password any time you need. Just press the power/menu button shortly when the display is on.

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