RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

Use RingCentral for MS Teams on Desktop

1. Install RingCentral app from Microsoft Teams store. Click on Apps and search by Ring Central and click on Add to install. 


2. Once the installation is done, you'll see a RingCentral icon on the left side of the window and a sign in request on the right. Click on Sign in and enter your RingCentral credentials.


3. After sign in, you'll be requested to download and install a plug in. After finishing the download, please go to the downloads folder and install the plug in.


4. After installation is complete, you'll be able to use RingCentral in Teams. 


Make Calls via Embedded Dialer

In MS Teams, when clicking RingCentral icon at left navigation bar, it will display a three-column design screen. From the left to the right are Embedded Dialer, Call History, and Call Details.
The embedded dialer is for making a call. After typing phone number and press green call button, the call will be automatically redirected to RingCentral App or RingCentral Phone. More call control functions can be found on RingCentral App or RingCentral Phone.

In Embedded Dialer, it supports contact name search function. You can type the phone number or partial of contact name which is matched in either Teams contacts or RingCentral contacts. All the matched records will be shown in a list as below.


Check and search recent Calls in Call History

All the calls that you recently make can be found in center of screen, called Call History. Each row represents one phone record with contact name, phone number, inbound/outbound call, status, and length of time. At the right-hand side, there are two hidden buttons of call back and delete. They can be shown when mouse cursor hover that area.

If you have a lot of recent calls, you can use the filter function at the top of Call History. It will filter the matched call records in the list, which will help you quickly to identify the call you are looking for.


Look up detailed caller/callee info in Contact Details

At the right-hand side of the screen, there is an area for Contact Details. It combines both contacts in MS Teams and RingCentral. It gives the user complete information about the caller or callee.

Use RingCentral for MS Teams on Mobile Version

1. Find the RC apps in Navigation
- The RingCentral app which was installed in desktop version can be synced with MS Teams mobile version automatically
- Click “More” button at the navigation to show all installed apps
- Find the “RingCentral” apps to open the apps.
You can click “Reorder” to edit the navigation by moving the icons

2. For the first time, you'll need to sign in to your RingCentral account. Click on Sign in.


Enter your BMCC email address and click on Single Sign-on.


Once the sign in is complete, you'll see the RingCentral feature in Teams.


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