RingCentral: Deauthorize a Computer

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Follow the steps below in order to deauthorize a computer, then authorize a different computer to place a direct outgoing call using the RingCentral Phone.

1. Go to the computer that needs to be deauthorized, then sign out from the RingCentral Phone.

2. Log in to your RingCentral Online account

3. Click Settings > Phones & Numbers.
















4. Under Phones & Numbers, click Phones, and then click Edit on the RingCentral Phone that you want to deauthorize.


5. Click Deauthorize this Computer.

The RingCentral Phone should no longer be associated with this computer.


6. Go to the computer where the RingCentral Phone needs to be associated to, and launch the RingCentral Phone.

The system automatically detects that the RingCentral Phone on the other computer is logged in.

To check if you have authorized the correct computer, check the name of your computer and see if it matches the PC Name on the RingCentral Online account. 



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