Email Notification to Students

Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule

1. View the My Schedule page to get a listing of classes for the current semester assigned to the faculty member.

Note: Class rosters become available as soon as students enroll in the class. As needed, click change term button to select desired term.

2. Click the Class Roster icon on a row to view the class roster for that class.

3. In the Notify column, select the checkbox of each student to be notified.

4. Click either the notify selected students button to send an email notification to those students for whom the checkbox is selected or click the notify all students button to send an email notification to every student on the class (or grade) roster.

5. After clicking the notify selected students or notify all students button the system displays the Send Notification page:

  • Verify the email is being sent to the correct individual’s campus email account.
  • Recipients may be added in the To, CC, or BCC fields.
  • The subject heading may be changed.
  • Enter the message in the Message Text box.
  • After completing all fields on the Send Notification page, click the Send Notification button.

6. View Send Notification Result.

7. To select another class, click the Change Class button.

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