Voicemail PIN Reset


Use this service if you want to change your desk phone's pin number, please follow the instructions below. If you cannot recall your pin number please click the Request Service button to the right. 

Please follow this instructions:

  • Press the Services Button .
  • Press Extension Mobility.
  • Select Set PIN.
  • Current PIN: Enter your current or default PIN.
  • New PIN: Enter your personalized PIN.
  • Confirm PIN: Re-enter your personalized PIN.
  • Press Change.
  • Note: PINs must be at least 4 digits. Obvious passwords such as 12345, 98765, 77777 or will be not permitted.
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Any College employee with an assigned phone can use this service to report a problem.

Request Service


Service ID: 29
Wed 11/11/15 3:49 PM
Mon 12/2/19 12:49 PM