Accessing Remote Software

Installing the Microsoft Remote Desktop App

If you are not using a device with Windows as the operating system you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App in order to connect to the remote lab computers.


Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Google Play Store


Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store


Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store

Logging Into a School Computer Remotely

  1. Use this link to see available computers:
  2. Click the Connect button next to one of the computers
  3. Click Download in the popup window
  4. A file ending in .rdp should download to your computer
  5. Open the downloaded file.  
    • If you don’t know where the file is search for the file name. It will be something like F410-06-37857.rdp
    • You need to open it in the RD Client app. You may need to right click the file and choose Open With > RD Client
  6. It will ask for a username/password. Use your BMCC username/password. The same as for your BMCC email.
    • You may get a warning that the certificate can’t be verified. Click Connect to continue.
  7. You may be asked twice for your username/password. The second time is to log in to the computer itself. User your BMCC username/password both times
  8. When you log in you should see a blue screen with Student Login and some text. Click OK
  9. It should now start up and you will eventually see the desktop of the computer at BMCC.

The .rdp file you download is specific to a computer. The RD Client Remote Desktop app will also save that computer. However, it’s been reported that reopening the file or going through RD Client directly will sometimes get an error. So, if you need to get back to a computer you logged out of, go back through the link in step 1 to log back into the computer. You can use the .rdp file or info in RD Client help remember which computer you were on.

Logging Off

This is very important. Doing this allows other people to use the computer.

  1. Click the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen (four rectangles)
  2. Click the power icon
  3. Click Disconnect
    • It’s important not to click Shut down as it will power down the computer and others won’t be able to use it.
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