Installing Applications from the Software Center

1. In the Windows search bar type in “Software Center” then click on the application to run it.


2. The list of available software is located under the Applications section. Click on the application that you wish to install.


3. Click on the “Install” button to begin installing the application. It may take several minutes for the installation to complete.


4. After the installation process is complete the “Install” button will be changed to an “Uninstall” button and the application will be installed on your workstation. You can view the list of installed applications under Installation Status.


5. After the application is installed it can be run from the Start menu. If you wish to create a desktop shortcut for the application left-click and drag the icon from the start menu to the desktop. Note that you can only create a shortcut from the Start menu, you cannot drag and drop items from the search results.

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